Our Solution

Traditional strategies are important and should continue, but the need is far too great to be met with these strategies alone. Theology School works with traditional efforts, but also has a new way of meeting the urgent need for well-trained leaders throughout the world.

We are saturating the world with a multimedia, masters-level education for Christian leaders. Our lessons are used through print, audio, the internet, DVD video, as well as WhatsApp groups.

In our day could there be anything more important than biblical education, for the world, for free?

Certificate in Theology

No matter where you are living or working, you can study online with Theology School at a time and pace that suits you best. You can choose to begin with just a single unit or you can sign up for the Certificate in Theology.

We are offering an intensive course for all learners despite their educational backgrounds. Our methods for educating is based upon visual, audio and interaction between the learner and educator.


Old Testament Survey Kingdom 

Covenants and Canon of the Old Testament 
He Gave Us Prophets 
The Primeval History 
Father Abraham 
Gospels & Acts
The Gospels 
The Book of Acts 
Pauline Epistles
Paul’s Prison Epistles 

Introduction to Theological Studies
Building Your Theology 
Building Systematic Theology 
Building Biblical Theology 
Basic Christian Doctrine
The Apostles’ Creed 
We Believe in Jesus 
Biblical Ethics
Making Biblical Decisions
Church History 

The Heart of Paul’s Theology 

Training Leaders

Our mission is to prepare Christian leaders by providing biblical education and a mentoring journey of building ministries together.

Our top priority is to spread the will of God to every corner of the earth through the gospel of Christ.

Theology School offers in-depth biblical education for Christian leaders around the world in their languages, for their lands, and absolutely free.

Our mission is being fulfilled at this very moment somewhere around the world.